We build Custom Business Applications that meet our clients unique business needs.

Our passion is delivering innovative Custom Business Applications solutions that meet your business needs.

Business Applications Development Solutions Company

Custom Business Applications are designed to meet your specific business needs, function exactly as you want them to, and simplify your business processes. There is a growing awareness among business owners that packaged software may not always provide the complete solution for their company. The fact that every business is created differently and has different requirements makes it very difficult for one product to meet all of them. For all your custom Business Applications needs, please contact Gold Medal Technologies.

Benefits of Custom Business Applications

  • work the way you work.
  • Simplify Business processes and function more efficiently.
  • Easier for your employees to solve complex problems.
  • Minimal problems than out of box solutions.
  • Enhance Business Security.
  • Increase productivity in the workplace.
  • Help your business achieve its short-term and long-term goals.
  • Scalable – Grows as your company grows.
  • Easier intergation and Automation
  • Customized Reliable technical support plan.

Custom Business Applications Solutions includes:

    • Church Giving, Expenses and Membership  Solution
    • Not for Profit Giving and Expenses tracking solution
    • Medical Transportation Trip scheduling Solution
    • Staffing Agency Web APP and Mobile APP
    • Small Business Billing, Invoicing and Customer Database
    • Any Customized Application needs

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You Share Your Ideas. We Build It For You.

Our business is built on long-term partnerships, which means we want to earn and maintain your trust. We accomplish this by being totally transparent about our processes, our work, and your project.
No matter what frequency you choose for updates, you will always be kept up to date on the status of your project, budget, risks, timelines, and blockers.

Our Custom Business Applications Development Roadmap


Requirements Gathering

Our business analysts collect and analyze project-related information as well as supporting documents, and conduct market and competitor research on-site. We define, analyze, and confirm the project requirements, vision of the project, user interface components, and scope of the project.


Project Planning

As a result, we create possible use cases and request traceability. Create use case models, specifications, wireframes, and prototypes. To prepare a partnership plan, further analyze the technical feasibility, features, technology, and cost estimates of the product.


Product Design

Through graphical representations and modeling, our UXD team analyzes requirements and designs solutions accordingly. Identify requirements and create gaps in the architectural design to overcome constraints and to transform both functional and technical requirements.


Custom Business Applications Development

During the development phase, our team writes the code according to the final design & then creates test cases to ensure the application meets customer requirements. To get feedback from customers, integration & quality testing is performed, and debugging is implemented accordingly.


Maintenance and Support

Our company provides maintenance and support services for Custom Business Applications created by us or by third parties. We implement updates, improve functions, monitor and manage databases, and maintain security protocols and technical documents.

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